"Meet the Dentist & Practice" Videos Made Simple

At DoctorsInternet, we are always implementing new ideas and services to maximize the online performance of our clients. One of the new ideas we are implementing is that we will help you make a video and post it to your home page Free of Charge! We urge you to take advantage of this new free service.

Increase New Patient Conversion & Search Performance

These videos will increase online visibility and maximize new patient conversion. Our research has indicated that a potential new patient visiting your website is significantly more likely to call for an appointment if they see a video of the doctor on the website. It makes them more comfortable to visit that particular office. Furthermore, including YouTube (which is owned by Google) videos on your home page and business listings can help increase search performance in Google's algorithm.


DoctorsInternet will do the following for free:

  1. Host these videos and add them to your website's homepage
  2. Send you a tripod to help record the video professionally on a smartphone
  3. Give you a sample script for you to personalize (whether you are a fee for service practice or an insurance practice)
  4. Edit the video with content about your practice
  5. Video 1 , Video 2 , Video 3


Watch a Sample Doctor Video (only takes minutes to make!)

These videos should be 60-90 seconds long and will not take you a long time to complete. It is worth the short time investment to get this done and added to your website as soon as you can.



Video Editing by our DoctorsInternet Designers

Our professional team will edit and add content to your video to make it look visually appealing to those who visit your website