Customer Back End Dashboard provides a valuable customer back end dashboard where our dental clients can see everything in one place. Using your client login you can access valuable data about your website and online marketing. Through the dashboard you are provided with information about your online reviews, and your online forms. Need to send in an edit? Send it right from our support system which can be accessed directly from the dashboard. View and listen to your calls from call tracking and even enroll in our refer a friend program. Our dashboard is designed to be user friendly with all our client reporting in one place.

(1)Phone Calls

View all your phone calls and filter by new patients to see how many patients you are getting from the web

(2)Completed Forms

View all your completed forms from the Appointment page and contact page from your website in one central location

(3)Social Stream

View all posts from Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram and your Blogs in one central location
or filter by each social media stream


View all your reviews from one central location



Review all testimonials before they are posted on your website in one central location.

You can also accept a testimonial and they automatically send an email back with the text for that patient to post on

Great way to filter out negative testimonials.


(6)Website Edits

Submit a support ticket to make unlimited content and image updates on your website from one central location

(7)Contact Us

contact your marketing rep regarding web support, seo, social media or app, reviews from one central location and they will get back to you.